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NHL All Star Skills Competition 2017: Rosters, Events, TV Schedule

NHL: All Star Game-Media Day Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s here! The event that all of you ... some of you.... a few people have been waiting for! In all seriousness, this is sometimes a fun event, and always entertaining to follow on the twitter.

The all-star game returns to the 3-on-3 format of last year, but has a few alterations. The breakaway challenge has been 86-ed like a January swoon for the Wild, and in its place is the DraftKings NHL Accuracy Challenge. Before we get to that, though, who all is involved here?



Player Team Position
Player Team Position
Nikita Kucherov Tampa Bay Lightning F
Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs F
Vincent Trocheck Florida Panthers F
Brad Marchand Boston Bruins F
Frans Nielsen Detroit Red Wings F
Kyle Okposo Buffalo Sabres F
Erik Karlsson Ottawa Senators D
Shea Weber Montreal Canadiens D
Victor Hedman Tampa Bay Lightning D
Carey Price Montreal Canadiens G
Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins G


Player Team Position
Player Team Position
Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins F
Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals F
Wayne Simmonds Philadelphia Flyers F
Taylor Hall New Jersey Devils F
John Tavares New York Islanders F
Cam Atkinson Columbus Blue Jackets F
Seth Jones Columbus Blue Jackets D
Ryan McDonagh New York Rangers D
Justin Faulk Carolina Hurricanes D
Sergei Bobrovky Columbus Blue Jackets G
Braden Holtby Washington Capitals G


Player Team Position
Player Team Position
Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars F
Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks F
Patrikk Laine Winnipeg Jets F
Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche F
Vladimir Tarasenko St. Louis Blues F
Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks F
PK Subban Nashville Predators D
Ryan Suter Minnesota Wild D
Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks D
Devan Dubnyk Minnesota Wild G
Corey Crawford Chicago Blackhawks G


Player Team Position
Player Team Position
Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers F
Jeff Carter Los Angeles Kings F
Ryan Kesler Anaheim Ducks F
Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames F
Bo Horvat Vancouver Canucks F
Joe Pavelski San Jose Sharks F
Brent Burns San Jose Sharks D
Drew Doughty Los Angeles Kings D
Cam Fowler Anaheim Ducks D
Mike Smith Arizona Coyotes G
Martin Jones San Jose Sharks G

These teams will be competing in various challenges, led by fan-elected captains Carey Price, PK Subban, Sidney Crosby, and Connor McDavid. These challenges are:

  • Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay
  • Honda NHL Four Line Challenge
  • DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting
  • Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
  • Oscar Mayer NHL Hardest Shot
  • Discover NHL Shootout

Challenge Relay

The Challenge Relay consists of One Timers, Passing, Puck Control, Stick-Handling, and Goalie Goals. There will be two matchups: Central v Pacific and Atlantic v Metropolitan.

The Central’s team will be: Keith, Suter, and Tarasenko shooting one-timers off passes from MacKinnon. Toews is passing, Seguin is puck control, Kane is stick handling, and Dubnyk is on goal duty. They will face off against Pavelski, Kesler, and Carter shooting off passes from Horvat. Doughty is passing, Fowler is puck control, Gaudreau is stick handling, and Smith is shooting goals.

The Atlantic Division is Karlsson, Trocheck, and Okposo shooting from Hedman, Nielsen passing, Marchand on puck control, Matthews stick handling, and Price shooting goals. Metropolitan is Jones, Ovechkin, and Simmonds shooting passes from McDonagh. Tavares is on passing, Faulk is on puck control, Crosby is stick handling, and Holtby on goalie goals.

Four Line Challenge

This involves four members of each team shooting from progressively farther away, trying to hit targets in the corner of the net or 5-hole. Each shooter gets two shots. The teams are:

Atlantic: Kucherov, Karlsson, Trocheck, Weber.

Metropolitan: McDonagh, Simmonds, Hall, Jones

Central: Suter, Seguin, Subban, MacKinnon

Pacific: Pavelski, Burns, Kesler, Horvat

Accuracy Shooting

This event pits two shooters from each team against each other. They will be at opposite sides of the rink and trade shots, trying to hit 15-inch targets in the corners of the net. The first team to hit all four targets win.

The Atlantic Division (Okposo, Matthews) will take on the Metropolitan Divison (Tavares, Crosby). The Central (Kane, Laine) will face off with the Pacific (McDavid, Carter).

Fastest Skater

Here we see two skaters per team trying to break Dylan Larkin’s record of 13.172 seconds in a lap of half the rink (split hot-dog style).

Marchand and Kucherov will face Atkinson and Hall, while Tarasenko and MacKinnon race against Horvat and McDavid in the other conference.

Hardest Shot

This old favorite pits two shooters from each team against each other to see who has the hardest shot (measured in speed).

Hedman and Weber will shoot against Ovechkin and Jones, with Laine and Subban taking on Burns and Doughty in the other heat.


We don’t know who will be involved here, but it’s the standard shootout format. 9 skaters and 1 goalie from each team participate, with captains selecting an additional skater

The All Star Skills Competition kicks off at 4:00 PM Pacific Time (6:00 PM Central) on Saturday, January 28. The All Star game is Sunday at 2:30 Central. The events will be broadcast on NBCSN.