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Wilderness Walk: Throwback Edition

New Found Glory Performs At The Hard Rock Cafe On The Strip In Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome! We’ve entered the all-star break! With the NHL announcing it’s best 100 players in history, I thought: why not do a throwback of my own? So: I present with not much further ado, one of the greatest-but-also-really-crappy bands in history.

Wild News

Zucker's breakout season complicates Wild's expansion decisions |
Some people have been saying this for a while... (cough tony cough)

Granlund posting career year for surging Wild |
Granlund is just two points away from topping his personal best of 44

From Frozen Pond

Minnesota Gophers Women's Team Hits Troubled Waters | The Hockey Writers
From the first preseason poll until two weeks back, the University of Minnesota Gophers women’s team held down the No. 2 rank in the nation. But the second half of the season has not started how they hoped. Injuries and struggles in net have seen them drop down to No. 4.

Gophers headed for North Star Cup third-place game after loss to UMD |
UMD overcame a 1-0 deficit with three consecutive goals, extending its win streak over the Gophers to a program-record seven consecutive games.

Hey Now, You're an All Star

NHL unveils 100 greatest players |
Gretzky was robbed!

Bobby Orr: Gordie Howe 'the best to ever play the game' |
Mario Lemieux, above all, marveled at Howe's ability to play until he was 51 years old.

NHL at 100: The top 10 players of all time |
Interestingly, I think several people on this list would disagree.

The top 50 players in the post-lockout era |
You'll never believe which Wild player is on this list.

Off the Trail

The NHL's Best Penalty Killers | The Hockey Writers
Is there anyone from the Wild on this list?