For Better (or hopefully not for worse)

Hello you Wild Minnesotan hockey lovers! You may think as a Californian, I don't have the right to talk hockey with you. Well, I hope to put you a little at ease here, I've been watching the game for about a grand total of four years, really honing in on the NHL and nuances of the game for the past two. I may not be as knowledgeable as people like Tony Abbott or Mike Russo, but this is coming from a good place, because I enjoy watching the Wild play hockey even though I'm not a 100% die hard Minnesota Wild Hockey fan. I am however, a fan of the greatest sport in the world, that also happens to be a religion taken on by half of all people in Minnesota, and that's our great sport of hockey. I am only 22, and I did only start watching when I was 18, but I promise I'll keep watching until I'm 40, 50, 65, or dead. Hockey slowly infused itself into my blood, until it coursed through my veins and the only way to channel that is by learning to play. I'm going to undertake that for the rest of 2017. But enough on me. I'm going to likely shock you, quite shortly here, and you may not know why, but I promise to shortly explain myself afterwards. Ready?

Trade Charlie Coyle for Alex Galchenyuk.

There, I said it. And it may cause the same amount of pain in your hearts as it does in mine. Coyle was the Sharks prospect up until the Burns trade which landed the Wild both Devin Setoguchi and Charlie Coyle. Of those guys Coyler's become the mainstay of this very deep, heavy, but quick team we watch. Now, you might be asking, why should the Wild do this? We have Bruce Boudreau, we can score fine. I don't disagree with that, Boudreau showcased his ability to do that, last year. But then the 1st round of the 2017 playoffs happened. And 30th place starting goalie Jake Allen dismantled the Wild. How? Why? What? Unsolved questions left behind in Jake Allen's brutal demonstration over the Wild. It was unfair. The Wild beat the Blues senseless in every aspect of the game, you saw it yourselves, thinking, they're beating them on the ice, but not on the scoresheet. What the hell is wrong with Jake Allen? I completely agree. So, this is going to be like another Central team's move, the Chicago Blackhawks. They found themselves swept out of the playoffs last year, so Stan Bowman screamed, threw a fit, said it was unacceptable, and traded Artemi Panarin for Brandon Saad (and some other spare parts) on draft day. This was probably one of the biggest trades of the off-season, and it was a complete game changer for the whole league. Now, you might think this trade is over. But it's not. It gets better, I promise.

Add in Kiril Kaprizov, and/or a pick, and/or even a roster player (Stewie, I'm looking at you bud) for Brendan Gallagher.

It's well known the Gally's do absolutely everything together. Well, almost everything. If only Coyler's coming back for Chucky, Gally's gonna be pretty sad. So you know what? Find a way we can get Marc Bergevin to overthink his dumb decisions again, and then finally call Chuck Fletcher and say "We have a deal." about a week after he says "We are not shopping Alex Galchenyuk." I think getting Gallagher is going to be much tougher than getting Galchenyuk, because unlike Galchenyuk, Habs FO actually likes Brendan Gallagher, because he's a great player for what he does. But if you ask me, I think Gallagher's been a little gun-shy around the net after getting his hand broken by a Shea Weber missile. Maybe he wouldn't feel so bad about this move here, especially if he gets to do it with his buddy. Galchenyuk and Gallagher are young, Coyle is young too but still considered a vet, he is 100% a Montreal type player, in Claude Julien's system with Marc Bergevin at the helm of it. Since Marc has clearly not been afraid to make moves, Jo Drouin, Shea Weber, entire Habs defense outside of Shea Weber and Jeff Petry, this is probably a trade that makes sense to him in his mind, but really, I've obviously set this up to be a steal for Wild fans. Cmon, Galchenyuk 100% has the potential to be a 1C in this league, the things the Habs don't like about him is that he's too offense first. But guess who is offense first? Bruce Boudreau. This is like paying for a 5$ scratcher to win $10 million dollars and you actually win the $10 million dollars because you saw all the signs pointing towards you winning $10 million dollars lately. Much like Montreal pulled the trigger on Drouin, and even though they're trying to use him to boost Galchenyuk, I'm still pretty sure the Habs would want to get rid of Galchenyuk. And if you really think about it, the other team in line that could land Chucky would be, duh duh duhhhhh, the Colorado Avalanche, because apparently Matt Duchene is on the forefront of their minds, and Colorado is 100% asking for Galchenyuk coming back. Kiril Kaprizov might be a stud, I know this is tough. But getting news that he signs a 3 year extension in the KHL? Signs might indicate maybe Minnesota's not necessarily the place he wants to play in, sadly I might add. If Chuck can do his spin-o-rama over the phone, I think it would be awesome to see Galchenyuk and Gallagher in Minnesota for the price of Coyle and Kaprizov. But I think it may take another piece, either a pick or roster player, to sweeten this type of deal. If the only trade that comes out of this is Coyle for Galchenyuk, I think Bergevin 100% takes that deal, because Coyle's the exact player he would want on his hockey team, and I'd have to imagine there may be a respect level from Coyler, a Weymouth, Massachusetts boy, and Claude Julien, new Habs head coach appointed on Valentine's Day 2017, just after breaking up with Michel (Therrien). If you have any thoughts on this, please respond here. I'll come back and check it probably weekly. If you see any flaws in my trade proposal, please let me know. It would be really cool if I can hear a Hockey Wilderness pod talk about it, because I learn a lot from all of the awesome SB Nation podcasts I do tune into, because the people that talk aren't only fans of their team, they're knowledgeable fans of their team, and I love being able to converse with knowledgeable fans of their teams, so I can ask them questions I don't know the answer to, to hopefully get an answer to reference the next time I see someone ask the same question I ask. I may come back here again, mostly just to write trade proposal ideas for the betterment of the team or just to drop some thoughts on what I think is going on. I do have family in Bloomington, Minnesota, so I'm not totally out of left field on my appreciation of the Wild, but I think I, and you, would appreciate this team a hell of a lot more if they had their own Panarin, just like the Blue Jackets. Until next post, I hope to see you around in the Hockey Wilderness.

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