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Wilderness Walk: You Can’t Un-see This

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A Black Friday complaint.

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a thing that has bothered me for multiple years now. I’m pointing it out to you because misery loves company, and the food (and drink) hangover from Thanksgiving is real this morning.

Every time I Google the Wild for any reason (which I do a LOT as a basement blogger), I notice that the logo that comes up in the results is tilted about twenty degrees from how it is supposed to look.

Case in point:

Do you see how the Manbearpig logo has its snout pointed ever-so-slightly to the north? It’s like he’s looking down his nose at the Avalanche logo. I guess that makes sense in this case, since we do look down on the Avalanche, but the MBP points its nose up all the time on Google results. Sometimes he should just be resting his head where it belongs, right?

If you’ve never noticed this before, you shall now always notice it from this day forward. You’re welcome. Dilly dilly.

It’s officially the holiday season. You probably haven’t heard this Trans-Siberian Orchestra tune enough times yet, even though it’s on the Kia ad that has been playing during every Wild commercial break since Halloween, so here it is again to take us through today’s Walk.

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