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Wilderness Walk: Reanimated Team

A loss belies a turnaround in play, a Dubnyk interview, and a look at how players can be better supported.

Minnesota Wild v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Like many fans, I can’t watch every game of the season. In my case, the biggest reason is that I live in London, so the games take place in the middle of the night. I try to catch them the next day via the NHL’s streaming service, except when the games are supposedly streamed on some obscure cable sports package and I suffer from the dreaded TV blackout despite paying good money so I can watch games and reasonably refusing to spend even more money just so I can catch all of three extra games per week, it’s like they don’t even care to try and make the streaming service a worthwhile investment. I PAID MY MONEY, LET ME WATCH MY GAMES!

I brought all that up to say that I was unable to watch last night’s game before having to start on today’s Walk. When I first saw the result of the 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, I was disappointed. My crests had fallen. It didn’t seem possible to deny any longer that our beloved Minnesota Wild are squarely in the midst of a slump. However, after watching the highlights and reading up about the game, it appears that the truth is more complicated.

The Wild did many things well last night. Jason Zucker scored two goals, Eric Staal and Nino Niederreiter both generated multiple chances and controlled much of the play when they were on the ice (to the point that Nino supplanted Chris Stewart on the top line). That being said, they didn’t win and some aspects of their overall game were clearly off. I mean, how hard is it to clear the crease or clean up rebounds!? It’s like you enjoy leaving Devan Dubnyk hanging out to dry. PUT A BODY ON YOUR MAN!

So I guess you could say I have mixed feelings about the game.

Frustration aside, last night’s game saw the team trending in the right direction even if there are still some serious shortcomings and underperformers on the team. Wild fans are far too used to settling for moral victories. After all, feeling good about your game doesn’t get you into the playoffs. But at least we were able to watch a much more entertaining game last night. At least, those of us who were able to...

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