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Hockey Wilderness Podcast 095: Mild Mild West

With the bye week coming up, it’s time to take stock of the Wild’s success and look ahead.

NHL: Nashville Predators at Minnesota Wild
Will the Nashville Predators be the toughest playoff match-up for the Minnesota Wild?
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Wild are heading into a bye week, so we decided to take a step back and look at where the Wild are at, and where they're headed. Carolyn Wilke (Managing Hockey Editor of FanRag Sports) was kind enough to join us to lend an outsider's perspective, as we discussed the struggles of her favorite team (the Dallas Stars), the Minnesota Wild, and the shifting balance of power in the Western Conference.

Today's topics:

  • What's going on with everyone's favorite player, Antoine Roussel?
  • The very disappointing list of players who wore #95
  • Why the Stars struggles don't solely rest with their goaltenders
  • What's wrong with the Stars blue line?
  • Lindy Ruff's status as head coach
  • Why Bruce Boudreau is awesome
  • Seriously, he should win the Jack Adams this season
  • And really, he should have won it last season, too
  • Just retroactively give every Jack Adams Award to Bruce Boudreau
  • Why Minnesota shouldn't worry much about regression
  • What the Wild need at the trade deadline
  • Can they snag a Number One Center™?
  • Looking ahead to the expansion draft
  • Who are the elite teams in the Western Conference?
  • Why Anaheim is a sneaky bad team
  • Who's a scarier first-round opponent for Minnesota- Nashville or Los Angeles

And much, much more!

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