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Wilderness Walk: Going (Noro)viral Edition

If norovirus is what ails this team right now, it has good reason to be losing.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Minnesota Wild Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

With word floating around that Matt Dumba and other Wild players either currently are or have been battling norovirus, I have a fun little norovirus anecdote for you, because what’s more fun that an anecdote about norovirus?

Before I get to that, if this really is what’s making the team look like it’s skating on wet noodles instead of legs, we should all rest assured that it will soon bounce back and that this is just a phase. Norovirus is no joke. It’s like the worst food poisoning you’ve ever had, mixed with a complete lack of energy, fever, and weird aches and pains all over your body for a few days. Then, once you’re done with it, anyone who has been in close contact with you also has it.

Ok, so my fun norovirus anecdote. When I was in college, I went on a cruise with my family, right in the middle of the first semester of my senior year. A couple days after I got back, I became sick as a dog for three days. It never crossed my mind that the ailment I had could have had anything to do with having been on a cruise. I let the disgusting illness run its course, and when I finally got enough energy to get out of bed after a few days, one of my roommates had gotten sick with similar symptoms.

As a responsible human, he actually called a nurse and told her what was wrong. She said to him, “It sounds like you might have norovirus,” then explained that the illness is common on cruise ships and other places of tight quarters. He dragged himself out into the living room and said to me, “Hey, the nurse thinks I have norovirus. It’s common on cruse ships. Didn’t you just go on a cruise?” I said, “Yes, I did!” then paused for a bit while it sunk in what he was alleging. A couple weeks later, the entire campus had norovirus.

Now since I was never diagnosed, I’m going to say that the norovirus came from somebody else, and I really never even had it. But there’s definitely some kind of coincidence on the timing there.

Taking you through the Walk today is Ben Lee, with an appropriate tune.

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