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HW Podcast 099: Slip Slidin’ Away

A tough stretch has Minnesota barely hanging onto their Division hopes.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Minnesota Wild
Bruce’s face has been doing a lot of this lately.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Hockey Wilderness Podcast wasn't panicking last week when the Wild lost to Chicago.

Maybe they should have.

The Wild lost all 4 of their games this week and are reeling, having lost their Division lead with little hope of getting it back.

To make matters worse, Tony screwed up the audio of the podcast he and Joe recorded on Monday night.

But at least one thing got better on Tuesday: Tony sat down and flew solo as he broke down what's wrong with the team, what the Wild are doing right, and much more! Tons of mailbag questions get answered, so tune in!

Topics include:

  • Players who wore number 99. Get ready for some Rick Dudley talk.
  • Tony gets depressed comparing his life to Wayne Gretzky.
  • Why Dubnyk, not the defense, deserves blame for the plague of goals allowed.
  • What's wrong with Dubnyk, anyway?
  • Should the Wild rest him, or let him fight his way out of his slump?
  • Reasons for optimism in St. Paul
  • Why the Martin Hanzal trade helped, not hurt the team
  • Are the Wild tired?
  • Has a players-only meeting worked for the Wild in the past?
  • Comparing the Blues and Predators- which potential playoff opponent is Tony more worried about?
  • Would it have been better to target someone other than Martin Hanzal?
  • Someone asks why Matt Dumba sucks
  • Which Wild players have surprised and disappointed this season?
  • Should Luke Kunin and Jordan Greenway go pro, or go back to college?

And much more!

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