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Wilderness Walk: Alien vs Predator Edition

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The 10th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Wild got a win! The Wild got a strange, dare I say it, ALIEN win! Now they’ll try to continue the one-game-old streak against the Predators. Assuming the Wild, the strange, new, winning, playing-well, ALIEN Wild show up, it will be:


Yeah, you’re right it was a bad joke.

In any case. Here’s hoping the Wild can get another win tonight. In the meantime, enjoy some of the best music that’s ever been made.

Wild News

5 KHL Prospects Poised for Breakout Season | The Hockey Writers
Well well well... look who's at #1...

Parise's eye injury: 'I got really lucky it wasn't anything worse' |
Parise said it was "scary'' to get hit in the eye with the stick of Capitals winger Tom Wilson.

Wild's Zach Parise set to play Saturday, four days after 'scary' hit to the eye |
Zach Parise likely will return to action Saturday when the Wild play the Predators in Nashville, just days after he was afraid to open his eye.

How the league's top 10 scorers stack up without the noise |
WELL WELL WELL. Look who is top-10 in the league in primary points.

Off the Trail

USA shuts out Canada in 1st game at women's worlds |
Team USA got off to a strong start at the Women's World Championship on Friday, shutting out Team Canada 2-0 to open the tournament with a win.

Watch: Golden Knights' Duke pokes fun at team's lonely roster |
If this was Duke's idea, I wish he was still Wild...

Mitch Marner accidentally clotheslined himself when his stick got stuck in the net |
The Maple Leafs almost lost Mitch Marner to an equipment malfunction. A dangerous, yet slightly funny, malfunction.

Better Know a Foe

Friday's Dump & Chase: Anticipation | On the Forecheck
The Predators need three points--either picking them up themselves, or in lost points by the Kings--to secure a berth in the 2017 playoffs.