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Wilderness Walk: The Important Things

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Star Wars Celebration Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

It’s a shame - A TRAVESTY - that this has gone unmentioned thus far in these Wilderness Walks. I am here to correct this mistake.

Yes, the Wild are down 3-0. Yes, they are likely going to be doomed after another loss tomorrow. Yes, things look rather bleak.

But there is a hope. A new hope, if you will (and you should).


Wild News

Minnesota Wild: Team History in Elimination Games | Gone Puck Wild
With the Minnesota Wild facing playoff elimination in game 4, here is a look at how the team has fared in the past.

Wild takes a 'mental health day' one loss from elimination |
The team will practice at Xcel Energy Center tomorrow before returning to St. Louis for Wednesday's Game 4, but the coach chose to give them Monday off.

Why can't Wild score? 'That's a great great question,' says Bruce Boudreau |
On an off day meant for a mental break, Wild coach Bruce Boudreau’s face was the same shade of red it’s been the past few days.

From Frozen Pond

Playoff goal tally: Hill-Murray's Jake Guentzel 4, Minnesota's Wild 3 |
The first-week sensation of the Stanley Cup has been former Hill-Murray star Jake Guentzel

Off the Trail

Watch: Rinne makes desperation save off weird bounce to thwart Blackhawks |
The Chicago Blackhawks came oh so close to scoring their first goal of the playoffs after the puck took a weird bounce following a dump in

Watch: Bobby Ryan redeems himself with OT winner |
After blowing a tire and costing his team a goal earlier in the game, Bobby Ryan totally redeemed himself by scoring the OT winner to give the Senators a 2-1 series lead over Boston.

Watch: Leafs take Game 3 on Bozak's OT winner |
The Toronto Maple Leafs won Game 3 in overtime against the Washington Capitals after Bozak's high deflection worked to perfection.