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Wilderness Walk: Dancing in May

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The Minnesota Wild stayed out of the news over the weekend, but you can still catch up on other teams here.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-St. Louis Blues at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Before last night’s Oilers vs. Ducks game, the microphone bugged out during the US national anthem and the Oilers’ home crowd sang the anthem instead.

Wild News


Off the Trail

Predators' defense stellar again in win over Blues | The Score

The Nashville Predators pulled ahead of the St. Louis Blues for a 2-1 series lead in a “gutsy” 3-1 victory.

Devils Surprise Winners of Draft Lottery, and their Offense will get a Boost | The Hockey News

While the Devils, Flyers, and Stars all moved up in the draft, the Avalanche, Canucks and G. Knights all fell back three spots.

Hurricanes Net Darling From Blackhawks | The Hockey Writers

The Hurricanes hope to stabilize their goaltending situation while the Blackhawks get some compensation as Darling is an Unrestricted Free Agent this summer.

The One Way Canadiens Trade Carey Price | The Hockey Writers

Spoiler: It’s still not very likely.

What’s Going on with Braden Holtby? | The Hockey Writers

Through 8 playoff games, Holtby holds only a .911 save percentage, the lowest playoff save percentage of his career.