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Wilderness Walk: All Aboard the Predswagon!

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The Penguins won last night, and I’m a huge Predators fan now.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Anaheim Ducks at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With four teams remaining, quite a few of my friends (subtle brag... I totally have friends) were asking me who I wanted to win the Cup. I found it to be a tough question, but I’d hesitantly lean toward the Nashville Predators each time I was asked. I got to that decision based on the following:

  1. I can’t stand the Ducks.
  2. I hold zero opinions about the Senators, other than that Erik Karlsson is really good.
  3. While I don’t dislike the Penguins (the Wild really never have to compete with them, since we never make it to the Final), I’m ready for them to stop winning Cups now.
  4. Say what you want about Nashville fans and their lame, incessant booing of Ryan Suter, but the atmosphere in their building has made their games pretty fun to watch.

With Pittsburgh edging Ottawa in double overtime last night, however, I am now driving the Predators bandwagon. Sure, they’re division rivals with the Wild, but you know something? Nashville provides us with something different. It’s a team that proves that even those that aren’t expected to win it all can win it all. Go Purds! Fang Fingers! Smashville! Country stars singing the Star Spangled Banner! Yeah, hit that car with the big sledge hammer!

Here’s the Nashville goal song to get you EXTRA excited about their chances to win the Stanley Cup!

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