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Hockey Wilderness: Memorial Day Edition

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The Stanley Cup Finals has reached its final chapter as Wild news remains slim.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Thank you to all the men and women who have died in service to protect the U.S.

The Stanley Cup Finals begin tonight as the Pittsburgh Penguins look to defend their title against the Nashville Predators.

Legendary musician Gregg Allman died over the weekend at the nice old age of 69, so today we’ll take time to remember both him and all those who died serving. Enjoy the Walk.

Wild News

Be honest with yourself, you were hoping to see no news here. The last few times we went begging for Wild news all we got was drama in the form of Nino trade rumors and false (?) Kaprisov signing news.

It’s better this way, at least for now.

Off the Trail

Why the Preds-Pens Stanley Cup Final will be stellar | The Score

The narratives are aplenty heading into the final round of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

John Scott rips Subban: 'On the ice he's a piece of garbage' | The Score

“Can you believe this guy? I bet he only donated millions of dollars to a children’s hospital to be popular!” - 200 Hockey Men, probably

Watch: Subban has a very important question for Mike Fisher | The Score

Don’t worry, he’s only trying to be entertaining because he thinks he’s better than us.

Kessel: P.K. 'got the shaft in Montreal' | The Score

Kessel takes his turn to be with Subban in the news because he knows what it’s like to be traded away as a scapegoat.

5 players who could fall victim to a buyout | The Score

Have some non-Subban related news for your morning. Some of these seem more likely than not.

Stanley Cup Final: Who has the better playoff beards? | Yahoo Sports

The leading question of our time.

The Kids are Alright

Nolan Patrick and Nico Hischier are about to get Real familiar with each other | The Hockey News

The two players don’t know each other well right now, but as the draft combine and entry draft grow closer, that is bound to change.

Energetic Jeremy Bracco leads Windsor to Memorial Cup victory | The Hockey News

The Windsor Spitfires win their third Memorial Cup in the last nine years with the help of Toronto Maple Leafs prospect, Jeremy Bracco.