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Wilderness Walk: Surgically Repaired Edition

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Jason Zucker was the latest Wild player to go under the knife.

Minnesota Wild v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todo el Wilderness!

We just talked about this in a recent Walk, but another Wild player underwent surgery yesterday, so we thought we’d talk about it again.

The post-playoff reports of all the injuries that guys had been playing through are always entertaining. Considering I would stay home from work if I had a hangnail that hurt too much, it’s always borderline shocking to hear the maladies through which NHL players have gritted their teeth to remain in their respective lineups during the postseason.

Minnesota has had several players go under the knife since their season ended, with Marco Scandella undergoing hip surgery, Christian Folin having shoulder surgery, and now Jason Zucker getting a sports hernia repaired. If you’ve ever seen that episode of Friends where Joey has the hernia, you know that a hernia is no joke.

How these guys do it is beyond me. Joe Thornton was playing on a torn ACL AND MCL for crying out loud. Like... does your knee even bend if both of those things are torn?

My good friend Weird Al will take us through the Walk today with an appropriate, but also super annoying tune.

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