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Wilderness Walk: Melancholy

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Show At MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images for MTV

Guys, the Gorillaz are #Good at #Music.

There’s not a ton of news today. So let’s take a visit to the plastic beach.

Wild News

Zach Parise Talks Playoffs, Offseason and Chocolate Milk
For Minnesota Wild forward Zach Parise, chocolate milk is his go-to recovery drink following practices, games and training sessions.

Off the Trail

Sullivan: Crosby wasn't evaluated for concussion after headfirst crash |
"No" was Sullivan's answer when he was asked whether he was concerned about Crosby and whether Crosby was evaluated for a concussion.

Report: Flyers interested in hiring Dean Lombardi |
The list of interested parties *should* be much longer than the list of those who are *not* interested.