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Wilderness Walk: Waiting by the Phone Edition

New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens - Game Two Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Yesterday was BS. Waited all day long and we got nothing. I set aside MY day to get any news out to you folks when it broke. Did it happen???


So I decided to bring you an article right after the walk about just why the trades didn’t come. Then at 9 am, we will get he protection list. So exciting!

Today’s music is from Minneapolis.

Wild News

Wild assistant coaching update -
Quick, someone perform a background check on Bob Woods!

Let's not make a deal: Jonas Brodin and Matt Dumba stay put as NHL roster freeze begins - 1500 ESPN Twin Cities
Some info on the lack of trading for the Wild

MN Wild opt against trade before leaguewide roster freeze
Vegas unveils its roster Wednesday at 7pm

Projected lists of Wild protected and unprotected players -
Russo released his projected Wild protected list late Saturday night after the list was sent in to the league

Wild makes no moves as deadline passes -
Vegas is now the bookie for any personnel moves.

All talk, few trades before NHL's expansion roster freeze -
Stephen Whyno weighs in from the Associated Press.

Frozen Pond

Minnesota Model Shines at HP Summer Festivals
As good as Minnesota is at developing talent, it could still do even better. But this is nice.

Minnesota Hockey Breaks Records for 8 & Under Players
Team of 18,002???

NHL News

Instant Analysis: Nathan Beaulieu trade opens up possibilities for Canadiens - Eyes On The Prize
EOTP weighs in on the Beaulieu trade

Sabres acquire Nathan Beaulieu from Montreal - Die By The Blade
The Sabres sent Montreal a third-round pick

Devils Trade Picks to San Jose for Defender Mirco Mueller - All About The Jersey
The Devils sent 2 picks to the Sharks for a 22-year-old, former first-round defender. Quick reaction here.

Sharks trade Mirco Mueller to Devils - Fear The Fin
The young defenseman is out of San Jose after being drafted by the team in 2013.

Opinion: Mike Smith is a Good Fit in Calgary - Matchsticks and Gasoline
One Flames fan at Matchsticks and Gasoline likes the Mike Smith move.

Farewell, Mike Smith: Analysing the trade to Calgary - Five For Howling
Arizona fans are happy to be out from underneath that Mike Smith contract