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Wilderness Walk: Ni-No Contract Offers

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There’s apparently been little communication between the Wild and Nino Niederreiter’s camp

Montreal Canadiens v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It’s summer. It’s almost August. There’s not much going on. But according to my favorite source for all my Swiss hockey news,, the Wild hasn’t presented a new contract offer to Nino Niederreiter’s representatives since extending him a qualifying offer in June. The skilled winger has filed for arbitration, and his hearing is scheduled for August 2nd.

Now, I’m no hard-ball NHL contract negotiator, but if I’m trying to sign somebody to one of those fancy contract things without having to deal with an outside arbitrator, I would probably consider extending another offer. But again, that’s just me. I do know that negotiating is hard if there are no negotiations going on, but maybe Chuck Fletcher and friends think they can get a more team-friendly deal through the arbitrator than Nino would be willing to accept in negotiations. We shall see.

Also, I’m golfing at Chambers Bay on Saturday. I’m really excited about that.

In honor of yet another untimely and tragic death of one of the rockstars that helped shape the soundtracks of our youth, here is Chester Bennington and Linkin Park to take you through today’s Walk.

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