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Wilderness Walk: Maloney Bologna

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Yes, that rhymes, and yes, Ryan Malone is trying out for the Wild.

Nashville Predators v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images

You know that emoji where the little emoji guy is looking up at whatever was just texted to you with his little emoji hand on his little emoji chin? You know, the one you use when somebody says something that confuses you? That emoji perfectly captures the reaction of Minnesota Wild fans to yesterday’s Ryan Malone news.

Here, let’s try it out...

Headline: “Ryan Malone gets tryout with Wild, apparently not retired.

Wild fans:

Yep, that does it.

As soon-to-be former StarTribune beat writer Michael Russo pointed out, if the allegedly retired, bought-out-by-the-Lightning-from-his-massive-contract, arrested-for-DUI-and-possession-of-narcotics, but-also-former-50-point-scorer ends up signing an AHL-only contract, he would be eligible to play in the Olympics. Also, if he does make the Iowa Wild, maybe... it... like... brings some NHL experience to... help the young... players... there... or something?


I don’t know why, but I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a bit, so now you can too!

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