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Wilderness Walk: 2 Minutes for ‘Stache-ing

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George Parros is in charge of player safety now, and he’s going to make a few... changes.

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Retired NHL tough guy George Parros was hired by the league to run its Department of Player Safety, and apparently he intends to eliminate excessive use of mustaches in his first year in the esteemed position... Wait, what? Oh!!! I thought he was going to cut down on ‘stache-ing, not slashing!

I’ll show myself out.

But seriously, putting a recently retired NHL enforcer—one whose playing career ended soon after he left a game on a stretcher following a fight—in charge of divvying out fines and suspensions for dangerous plays is an interesting move by the league. It is hard not to read it as a message that the NHL still supports fighting, as long as it is done in the “right way.” Parros said yesterday that he plans to take a harsher approach to punishing players for egregious stick infractions, such as Eric Staal’s slash heard around Alberta, or Gustav Nyquist’s Dr. Hook McCracken impersonation from last season. We’ll see how it goes...

Since the appointment of Parros to this new role is sure to stir up the fighting debate yet again, here’s Five for Fighting to take you through today’s Walk.

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On Frozen Pond

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Off the Trail

Parros to head Department of Player Safety, focus on slashing
Here you go!

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He is a really smart dude, so I kind of get it.

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