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Wilderness Walk: Super Moon on the Rise

The Wild win in shootout, all the Olympic rosters are released, and a hot take on video review worth watching

NHL: JAN 30 Wild at Blue Jackets Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So last night’s game maybe wasn’t the dominant clearly-the-Wild’s-road-woes-are-over win fans wanted to see considering it went to overtime, but the Minnesota Wild left the building with another “W” and we got to see both Chris Stewart and Zach Parise score some very slick shootout goals on one of the best goalies in the business. Like many other people, I think the inclusion of the shootout is ultimately negative for the NHL, but I will admit that I do get some pleasure from watching the silky moves professional players can pull out of their hats.

As a brief aside for non-hockey news, there is going to be quite the astronomical event tonight. A super blue blood moon will be appearing on the West Coast. To break it down for you, a super moon is when the moon’s perigee (closest approach to the Earth in an orbit) coincides with a full moon. A blue moon is the second full moon to occur in a single month. A blood moon is another name for a total lunar eclipse (the moon turns an orangish-red color). The West Coast will have the best view of the eclipse and thus get to enjoy the very posh super blueblood (not entirely satisfied with this pun everybody but I’m trying). Everyone else can enjoy the super blue moon. Here’s a little CCR to celebrate.

Wild News

Parise nets shootout winner in Wild's victory over Blue Jackets -
Parise has clearly learned a lot since about slipping disks. (THIS is the pun I want to be known for)

Wild get rare road win, top Blue Jackets 3-2 in shootout – Twin Cities

The Wild finally break the double digits on the road win column.

1/30 RECAP: Wild Beat Columbus in a Shootout | Zone Coverage - Cold Omaha
One recap for every goal on the official score card.

Foligno brothers renew their rivalry with Wild playing in Columbus -
I’d rate this brother vs. brother storyline below the Staals but above the Subbans.

StaTuesday: Suter to join exclusive club with 200th Wild assist
Collecting apples in a couple of different orchards seems like a hobby a farmboy like Suter would have.

Tending the Fields

2018 NHL Draft Consensus Rankings - Mid-Season Edition
Will the Wild still have their first and second round picks to use on the likes of these by the Draft?

NHL's Next Sizzling Superstar: Alexis Lafrenière
Teams have three years to plan out how to tank to get this guy... and also how to pronounce his last name.

Off the Trail

Down Goes Brown: NHL Expansion Draft regret rankings -
The Wild’s placement on the list makes sense. Still think it was a good move, but Erik Haula and Alex Tuch have made it harder to reach that conclusion than before the season began.

Olympic rosters announced: strengths, weaknesses and players to watch | The Hockey News
Scouting reports for the Olympics are going to be clutch because there’s no way you’re going to recognize a lot of these names.

The best answer to NHL’s video review problem? Stop using it | The Hockey News
This is how we put a stop to the rise of the machines.

What Is an NHL Win Worth?
Looking into some fancy(ish) stats

Connor McDavid Needs to Stop Tweeting Product Endorsements.
Superstar multimillionaire or not, I’m not taking consumer advice from a 21 year-old kid. My taste was atrocious at that age.