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Wilderness Walk - Jammin' Game Day Edition

Rise up this mornin’Smiled with the risin’ sun

Photo of Bob Marley Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Good morning Wilderness, and what a beautiful morning it is in the Twin Cities. The spectacle is finally over and the world around us is slowly shedding away its big game feeling. Perhaps I'm a bit cynical at my age, or maybe it's just my desire to avoid unruly mobs at all costs. Full disclosure, I did venture into the Mall of America just get a taste of the hype. What a zoo.

All that aside, today is a pretty big day. As you may or may not be aware, today is today is the late, great Bob Marley's birthday. Well, maybe. Shoddy birth records in Jamaica makes this unclear, but today is the day most recognize. An icon in the music world, singing songs of peace and love and who widely popularized reggae music to the world. A genre where he is just the pinnacle on an iceberg of some really good if not really unique music.

Bob Marley was taken from the world in the Spring of 1981, dying of skin cancer. His music, will live on forever.

Wild News

Boudreau: Time for Wild to 'bounce back' after tough loss to Stars -
Ensuring that Saturday's one-sided loss is an isolated incident rather than the beginning of a spiral down the standings is key going into the Wild's game at St. Louis on Tuesday.

Sustained success slipping away from Wild this season -
Wild has been vulnerable after impressive victories.

On Frozen Pond

Andover Goalie Ready for Olympic Debut | Minnesota Hockey

Top games: East Grand Forks welcomes Alexandria for postseason primer
Some high school action to keep an eye on.

Off the Trail

Should the Blues pursue Rick Nash? - St. Louis Game Time
I don't see why not.

Stars Score Big Power Play Goal To Beat Rangers 2-1 - Defending Big D
Stars pull off a comeback to squeeze past the Rangers.

When North met South: Unified Korean hockey team makes history ahead of Winter Olympics | The Independent
The reunification for the Olympics is a story worth following.

Possible trade destinations for Rick Nash – ProHockeyTalk
Could Nash be coming to Minnesota? No. That's just not happening.

Frederik Andersen forced to leave game after taking skate to the head – ProHockeyTalk
Scary little collision with Corey Perry here.

Brad Marchand is tired of being labelled a goon – ProHockeyTalk
So you prefer the label whiner then?

NHL - Which long-suffering fan base is most deserving of a Stanley Cup this spring?
Nothing like a good reminder of your teams futility. Sorry Caps.

Colts Linebacker Edwin Jackson Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver