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Wilderness Walk: Viva Minnesota

These back-to-backs will likely look a little more like home games than road games for the Wild.

NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Minnesota Wild Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Minnesota Wild seem to have become a well-traveled bunch in recent seasons. Every time the Green ‘n’ Wheats visit Arizona these days (which the team will do for tomorrow’s game), there appear to be just as many fans in Wild jerseys at the arena as there are in Coyotes jerseys.

Achieving even fan numbers isn’t terribly difficult in Glendale, being that the home team draws an average of under 13,000 total fans according to ESPN. Plus, with all the “snowbirds” that have fortunately escaped the frigid Minnesota winters, it’s easy to fill up that building with green sweaters. But in Las Vegas, the new franchise has been a hot ticket all season, sending prices soaring to several hundreds of dollars per ticket, and yet it’s expected that there will be thousands of Wild fans at the game this evening.

These back-to-backs will almost have the feel of a two-game homestand. The Wild could really use four points in the next couple of days, so let ‘em hear you, Wilderness!

Taking us through today’s Walk is Willie Nelson.

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