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Wilderness Walk: End of an Era

The Don Lucia chapter of the U of M men’s hockey program comes to a close as does the Chicago Blackhawks’ playoff dreams.

2014 NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Championship - West Regional Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It’s the end of an era. Well, two eras actually. The first is that Don Lucia is retiring as head coach of the University of Minnesota’s men’s hockey team. Our friends over at The Daily Gopher are covering the story in depth, but suffice it to say this will mark a big change for the program. Lucia retires as the winningest coach in Gopher history and certainly has many accolades to his name, but there has also been a feeling that the program’s development had stalled. How much of that is due to Lucia and how much is due to the still mostly terrible Big Ten hockey conference is a discussion worth having, but it’ll be purely academic with Lucia gone and the Big Ten going nowhere.

Fortunately, there is a far less bittersweet curtain call to celebrate. In fact, for Minnesota Wild fans it probably will be downright delicious. The Chicago Blackhawks have officially been eliminated from playoff contention by our good friends/incorrigible jerkfaces the Colorado Avalanche. This marks the first time the team has failed to reach the playoffs after winning Stanley Cups in 2010, 2013, and 2015. Those titles are a good consolation of course (I’d trade a few Wild championships for failing to make the playoffs this year in a heartbeat), but I expect a few tears of disappointment to be shed in the Windy City. Perhaps Chicago will bounce back next season, but it does feel like that team has been staving off a cap-induced crash ever since 2015 so I really do think this might mark a turning point for the Hawks. I certainly hope so as the Central has managed to be every bit as dangerous without them in contention with the ascendance of Nashville and Winnipeg and the renaissance of Colorado. Nobody (at least on the Wild) needs Chicago to still be in the mix.

Wild News

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On Frozen Pond

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Off the Trail

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I really don’t think so, but then, I really didn’t think these guys would post a winning record or have five 20+ goal scorers (including one guy pushing 40 goals) either so who knows?

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A curt, barely perceptible nod of acknowledgment in the vague direction of Colorado.

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Insert mandatory statement about how nobody likes injuries (which is true). Also insert acknowledgment that this might be the Wild’s saving grace come playoffs.

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