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Interstate Hockey Pod - Real-time Heartbreak... And Also Sternum Break

The guys recorded this week’s episode while watching the third period of Game 4. Get their real emotions, reactions, and instant analysis.

Minnesota Wild v Winnipeg Jets - Game One

This week’s episode of the Interstate Hockey Pod is a special one, because the guys recorded in real time while watching the third period of Game 4 of the NHL Playoffs between the Minnesota Wild and the Winnipeg Jets.

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Get instant analysis and reactions from the guys, who—with the wounds of a critical loss very fresh—become a bit heated on the topic of whether or not GM Chuck Fletcher should stick around for Minnesota after this season.

Together, the guys discuss the Zach Parise sternum injury and the horrible officiating in this playoff series.

Brandon explains why he’s so proud of Nick Seeler.

Darren makes fun of Winnipeg fans and their silly traditions.

Alex leads a loop around the NHL Playoffs.