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Minnesota Wild vs Winnipeg Jets: By the Numbers

A look at the First Round match-up by statistics.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Statistics aren’t everything, and no one will argue with you on that. However, statistics can show trends and maybe even bring to light areas that can be exploited. I’ve put together a number of statistics from a variety of sources to show how the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets stack up against each other.

At first glance, the Wild rank in the middle of the pack in many categories. The Jets? They had a very, very good season, often ranking in the top 5-10 range in a lot of the categories, and many times ahead of Minnesota. In nine of the 12 key offensive stats, the Jets hold the edge over the Wild. The only offensive stats that the Wild best Winnipeg are in Expected Goals For percentage (xGF%), High Danger Shot Attempts percentage (HDCF%), and High Danger Goals For percentage (HDGF%).

Special teams are always a factor in deciding a playoff series. This series won’t be any different. The Jets were very good on both the power play and the penalty kill. It helps when Winnipeg did made a drastic change to way they approach the game. Often among the highest teams last few seasons in penalty minutes and taking penalties, Jets took just 289 minors this season. Considering they took the most minors just three seasons ago with 374, that is a huge change. That’s the area that I think the Jets could revert as the emotions and tension ramps up in the playoffs. Dustin Byfuglien is the team leader in penalty minutes, and his penalties can often comes at the worst moments of the game. Can a late game power play in a tie game, or even with the Wild trailing by a goal, allow Minnesota to tie or take the lead to steal a game? That will have to depend on the Wild’s 17th ranked power play (20.4%) and making sure they can take advantage.

There are many categories in which the Jets rank very well. However, they aren’t the best in the league in any. Minnesota is the best team in xGF%, xGA, and Giveaways per 60 minutes. The Wild aren’t expected to be stingy defensively and they are the best team at taking care of the puck. This trend will be of utmost importance against the Jets and that offense.

Wild/Jets Team Stats/Rankings

Team Jets NHL Rank Wild Rank
Team Jets NHL Rank Wild Rank
Goals 273 2nd 250 11th
Goals against 216 5th 229 11th
G/Game 3.33 2nd 3.05 11th
GA/game 2.63 5th 2.79 11th
Sh% (5v5) 8.53 5th 8.19 8th
Shots per Game 32.2 14th 30.2 26th
CF% (5v5) 51.5 10th 47.18 29th
FF% (5v5) 51.72 7th 48.13 23rd
Power Play Opp 274 3rd 240 T-24th
PP% 23.4 5th 20.4 T-17th
TSH 274 T-4th 272 6th
PK% 81.8 9th 81.3 13th
PIM 697 16th 684 18th
Pen Taken (5v5) 251 20th 238 17th
Pen Drawn (5v5) 235 T-15th 224 20th
SHG 9 T-6th 7 T-13th
SHGA 7 T-11th 6 T-15th
xGF% (5v5) 52.79 5th 53.58 1st
xGF (5v5) 156.54 12th 147.96 23rd
xGA (5v5) 139.99 6th 128.21 1st
OZS% (5v5) 32.79 9th 30.19 27th
NZS% (5v5) 34.97 25th 36.63 10th
DZS% (5v5) 32.24 17th 33.17 12th
Giveaways/60 10.53 22nd 6.24 1st
Takeaways/60 7.49 14th 6.02 25th
SCF% (5v5) 52.52 5th 50.15 15th
HDCF% (5v5) 52.87 7th 55.07 3rd
HDSV%(5v5) 87.5 15th 88.23 10th
HDGF% (5v5) 53.66 8th 57.99 4th
Stats courtesy of, Corsica, and Natural Stat Trick

The games are played on the ice and the in the playoffs, these stats, trends, and tendencies can change just like that. They don’t matter much anymore and the focus is to just win the game. However, it is interesting to see what the two squads are good at, and where the deficiencies are.