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Wilderness Walk: The Capitals are currently living the best life

Safe to say, the Caps are having fun being Cup champions

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Day 2 of the NHL off-season, the Caps returned home to Washington, Ovi had a first pitch to forget, the Marlies are one win away from it’s first Championship, and LeBron James would never last in the NHL. On our walk with us this Sunday is one of Queen’s biggest hits as it only seems fitting to play this tune after the Caps won the cup for the first time in 43 seasons.

Washington is back home, and boy did they have a day to remember. This is by the far the best way to celebrate a Stanley Cup, and the parade hasn’t even happened yet.

Also, Ovechkin, buddy. Stick to your day job of playing hockey and not throwing out first pitches. Not as bad as 50 Cent, but it’s close.

Before we get started with the whip around the hockey world, this interview needs to be played over and over again. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Just kidding, we both are.

Wild News

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The Wild are up for ‘Top Team Video’ after the Wild invited 6 children affected by cancer to its office for an official photoshoot. Vote early, vote often.

Off the trail

Golden Knights' magic runs out in Stanley Cup Final against Capitals
A great season, nonetheless for the new comers.

Marlies one win away after Game 5 romp | | The American Hockey League

The Marlies have a chance to clinch it’s first ever Calder Cup Tuesday night at home.

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The best of the best from the Cup Final.

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Oh, Lebron

News broke after Game 4 of the NBA Finals that LeBron James had played with a ‘significant right hand injury’ after reportedly punching a blackboard back in Game 1. Now, whether it be a blackboard, whiteboard, wall or teammate, James would never last a day in the NHL. Reason being, guys in the NHL have taken injuries far worse than this, continued to play and never once made it a big deal. Why you ask? Because they would do anything to help the team out. Block a shot, suffer a big hit, etc. Examples? Here you go.

NHL players endure all sorts of injuries in pursuit of Stanley Cup

Flyers' Wayne Simmonds played through an absurd list of debilitating injuries in 2018 -

Last, but certainly not least, is what Patrice Bergeron played with a COLLAPSED LUNG in Game 6 of the 2013 Finals. A COLLAPSED LUNG.

Patrice Bergeron played Game 6 with hole in his lung

Long story short, LeBron “excuses” James would never last a day in the NHL. He flops when getting bumped going to the hoop. Imagine LeBron taking a shot from Chara. Or a hit from Byfuglien. He’d never play a game agian. That’s the difference between the NHL and the NBA. Toughness.