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Wilderness Walk: Think Twice

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Gabby likes his new toys, J.T. Brown gets some attention, and arbitration may be on the horizon

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people seem down on new GM Paul Fenton already. I gotta say, I don't quite see why. While the draft was a bit underwhelming, and questioning the first round selection is reasonable, on the whole there hasn't been much to criticize about Fenton's moves so far.

Some complaints seem to be that the Wild are still the same team that has struggled to make noise in the postseason. Which is true. So far Fenton has only made some depth signings to round out the bottom of the roster. But a big change for the Wild was never going to come from a free agent signing. The FA class is super thin and the Wild didn't have to money available to go after John Tavares.

A big change is going to require a trade, which requires a trade partner. Most GMs are preoccupied with signing their RFAs and pursuing the FAs, and aren't looking to trade at the moment. So Fenton's hands are temporarily tied. He can make some calls (and likely has been doing just that), but ink to paper wasn't going to happen just yet. Perhaps during the draft it could have, but that wasn't the only chance he'll have to swing a deal. Probably better to not rush a deal and wait then to go ahead with something that will likely make the team worse (a la the Pominville/Scandella for regret and buyout candidates trade last year).

Fenton has made qualifying offers to Jason Zucker and Matt Dumba. Perhaps those players will file for arbitration (see below). He's filled out the rest of the roster, freeing himself and his staff up to focus on Zucker, Dumba, and pursuing a trade or two. So let's all think twice before we declare Fenton a failed experiment.

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