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Wilderness Walk: Guerin looking to add more right-handed shots?

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Minnesota Wild Introduce Bill Guerin

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- Let’s face it. The Wild are probably going to have a pretty high draft pick this year. That being the case, we took a look at some of the top prospects available in the 2020 draft. [Hockey Wilderness]

- NHL Network is going to air 20 AHL games this season, including an Iowa Wild game in April, so that should be fun. [Hockey Wilderness]

- It sounds like Bill Guerin isn’t interested in blaming Bruce Boudreau for the poor start. Perhaps the lack of right-handed shots on the team is something the GM would like to address? [31 Thoughts]

Off the trail...

- Down Goes Brown breaks down the 10 types of awful starts to a season. The Wild may be of the “Abandon all hope” variety. [The Athletic]

- Not unlike the Minnesota Wild, Jack Hughes has had a pretty slow start to the season. Still, there’s no reason to worry if you follow the Devils for some weird reason. [The Hockey News]

- NHL Seattle unveiled its pricing for club seats and, buddy, those tickets are going to cost body parts. [ESPN]

- We may have ourselves a Goal of the Year candidate, folks. Holy smokes.

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