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Get to know Kurt Martin, the newest member of Hockey Wilderness!

Give our newest writer a warm welcome!

Minnesota Wild v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Howdy, people! My name is Kurt Martin and I am the newest contributing writer to the Hockey Wilderness team, and I must say that I am enjoying the scenery! As a student in the prestigious Communication Studies Department at Norwood (oh, wait, Longwood) University, which has produced countless success stories (including one of the managing editors of this fine establishment Mr. Ryan Quigley), I have to say that I am nothing short of thankful for this opportunity.

I recently finished the first semester of my senior year journey, and only have one more to go at Longwood before entering the real world. This chance that I now have, to produce content for Hockey Wilderness, is something that I credit to everyone who has ever helped me along the way, and I could not hand out enough “thank-you’s” to each and every person who has assisted me on this lifelong ride.

In my time at school, I have worked my way up the ranks in our student newspaper The Rotunda, and now hold the titles of Editor-in-Chief Pro-Tempore and Sports Editor.

In these roles, I get the honor and pleasure of working with advisers, an editorial board and a staff of great minds, who all come together to do the best job possible of continuing the work of a news organization that has been going since 1920. As a result, I have a hunger to become a writer and further my career in this field, making this a particularly special opportunity.

And I also have the chance to get Wild about the Wild!

As a 21-year-old native of Concord, Virginia, which is a border town of Appomattox, Virginia (you know, where the Civil War ended), I have grown up a fan of the Washington Capitals, Washington Redskins, Virginia Cavaliers and have grown more and more fond of the Longwood University athletic teams through the relationships I have built with players and coaches.

I cannot wait to assist the team in producing great content for the fans of Hockey Wilderness and live up to the standards that our managing editors (Logan and Ryan) have set for this community.

Let’s get Wild, folks!