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Wilderness Walk: Wild face streaking Blues

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at St. Louis Blues Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Wild will hit the ice Sunday afternoon looking to end the streak the Blues have going for them. Nine straight wins, looking to tie a franchise record if they come out victorious against the Wild. Also, 13-3-1 in their last 17 road games that includes wins over Winnipeg, Washington, Tampa Bay and Nashville to just name a few. Also, the Wild will have to shut-down the first line of Schenn-O’Reilly-Tarasenko that has 37 points in the last nine games. Oh yeah, to make things worse, the Wild will face rookie goaltender Jordan Binnington who is 11-1-1 on the season. Tough match-up for a team looking for wins to remain in a playoff spot.

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