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Wilderness Walk: Day before Trade Deadline

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at Detroit Red Wings Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

‘Twas the day before the trade deadline, and all through the Wild locker room, everything relied on how they would do today against the St. Louis Blues as what they might do before the deadline hits. The Wild have given General Manager Paul Fenton a hard time of what they might be on Monday, but Sunday’s game against the Blues could decide a lot. Yes, they have picked up back-to-back wins against the Rangers and Red Wings, but those are two wins they are “suppose to” get where those teams are in terms of the standings. But, a bad performance could go a long way of what Fenton does on Monday. Yes, we don’t want the Wild to trade a key player away, but at the same time, making a push to the playoffs could pay dividends for the Wild.

Wild News

No news is good news right?

Tending the fields

Iowa was off as well on Saturday.

On the frozen pond

Off the trail