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Wilderness Walk: Goaltending needs to be better

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Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

Minnesota Wild v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Wild lost last night. It wasn’t a great time. Minnesota’s goaltending may be the worst it’s ever been. [Hockey Wilderness]

- Wild fans have mixed opinions about the future of the franchise. What do you think about the direction the team is going? [Hockey Wilderness]

- Jason Zucker seems to have accepted the fact the he could be on the move at the trade deadline. [The Athletic]

- Speaking of which, how does Zucker to the Penguins for Filip Hallander and a first-round pick sound? [ESPN]

Off the trail...

- The Oilers have signed defenseman Darnell Nurse to a two-year contract extension. [Copper And Blue]

- The Arizona Coyotes are in some trouble. [CBS Sports]

- Remember Kaapo Kakko? Yup, he’s alive! He even scored a goal yesterday.

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