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The best of Bruce Boudreau’s animated bench outbursts

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Minnesota’s ex-coach will be missed. If not for his solid job behind the bench, his many hilarious expressions.

Winnipeg Jets v Minnesota Wild Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Minnesota Wild have fired Bruce Boudreau as head coach, and that’s really unfortunate. Not only because Boudreau was a legitimately solid coach, but he’s also one of the most memeable human beings on the face of the earth. Watching Boudreau’s meltdowns was an honor and privilege, and now we’ll all have to move on to a coach who will undoubtedly be far more boring and not nearly as unintentionally hilarious.

With that, it’s time we reflect on some of Boudreau’s most legendary moments of frustration during his time with the Wild. It would only be appropriate.

Night King

If you told me this GIF was actual footage of the Night King from Game of Thrones, I’d probably believe you. Bruce’s stance and facial expression would be enough to have Jon Snow shivering in his boots.

Come Here

Listen. Sometimes you just gotta bring the boys in for a group meeting. But what was he so eager to share here? Perhaps a bad call on the ice? We may never know. It’s a mystery that will live on for millennia.

What the Heck?

Okay, so Bruce may not have said the word “heck” here, but that’s not the point. The point is Bruce has something on his mind. It’s been bothering him for a while now, and he wants to confront someone about it. But whoever winds up having to talk to him just may get a fist directly in the eye socket.

Are You Kidding Me?

Just about everyone’s reaction when the McDonald’s ice cream machine, shockingly, is broken once again. It’s just ridiculous at this point.

Utter Disbelief

I often find myself doing something similar to this when the car in front of me runs a red light and gets away with it. I want a patrol car right on their bumper with a K-9 unit ready to shred someone to pieces if necessary. God forbid I’m the one who runs a red light by a millisecond or two, though. Knowing my luck, I’d have the military coming after me with Apache helicopters.

The Eye Roll That Shook the Earth

How many times have I rolled my eyes at the Wild this season? Too many times to count! Hard to blame Boudreau for showing his frustration here.

Dead Inside

This is me when faced with literally any minor inconvenience. Waking up just a couple minutes before my alarm was set to go off? The grocery store’s all out of pizza rolls? These are the things that can really make someone just give up on life. Very relatable facial expression from Boudreau.


Sometimes you just need to shout out some profanities. According to science, it’s good for you. It actually helps alleviate pain, which is a sensation Wild fans are all too familiar with these days.