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Wilderness Walk: Take that, Marcus’s brother

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Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The Wild returned after the trade deadline with basically the exact same team, but that didn’t keep them from taking down the Blue Jackets. [Hockey Wilderness]

- Yeah, it would’ve been cool to see the Wild make a big move at the trade deadline, but Bill Guerin decided to stand pat, and that’s totally okay. [Hockey Wilderness]

- Despite nearly being traded to the Islanders, Wild forward Zach Parise isn’t bummed to still be playing hockey in Minnesota. [The Athletic]

- At Ryan Hartman’s request, take one last look at this amazing GIF and then wipe it from your memory Men in Black style.

Off the trail...

- After being out of commission for over two months, our old friend Darcy Kuemper finally returned to the Coyotes last night. [Arizona Sports]

- Joe Thornton still hasn’t won a Stanley Cup, and it’s a real shame that the Sharks failed to trade him to a legitimate contender at the deadline. [The Athletic]

- Want to see the Kraken Seattle’s NHL team in action? It won’t cost you a lot of money to get to the arena. In fact, it’ll cost you exactly zero dollars. The team is fully subsidizing public transit for all fans attending home games. [SB Nation]

- William Nylander did a cool thing last night.

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