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Wilderness Walk: Some much-needed rest before a furious push

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Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

Minnesota Wild v Anaheim Ducks Photo by John Cordes/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s go over some news and notes:

- The homestretch is coming up for the Wild, so it sure is convenient that they have three days off to rest up before making a push. [Pioneer Press]

- Media members may not be seeing the Wild locker room for some time. In fact, media members covering the NHL, NBA and MLB will all be kept out of the locker room in lieu of the coronavirus issue. [ESPN]

Off the trail...

- Speaking of which, the Sharks may have to play games in an empty arena thanks to Santa Clara County’s ban on events that result in large gatherings. [CBS Sports]

- The first-ever all-women NHL broadcast was a huge step forward for positive change in sports media. Here’s what the big night looked like behind the scenes. [ESPN]

- Want to see all hell break loose on ice? Look no further than the FPHL.

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