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FanPulse: Fans believe the NHL regular season could be over

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Would not be ideal for the Wild.

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St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild - Game Three Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We have some good news and some bad news for Minnesota Wild fans.

According to our most recent FanPulse survey, fans are expecting the NHL season to resume early enough that the Stanley Cup will be awarded, which is obviously very exciting. However, the bad news is that very few people are expecting to see the NHL continue with the regular season, which could be unfortunate for a Wild team that sits just one point out of a playoff spot.

If the season does resume, which still is not guaranteed at this point, there is still the slight possibility that the NHL could give teams like the Wild a fair shot to fight for a playoff spot before the postseason begins. How would the league do this? By implementing a single-elimination game for teams on the playoff bubble.

But judging by recent remarks from NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, that’s certainly not a guarantee. At this point, each team in the NHL has played at least 68 games, which Daly believes is enough games to fairly construct the final playoff seeding.

I think any way you cut it, regardless of whether we come back to a handful of regular-season games or we try to play all of them, which I think is becoming more unlikely, or we can’t play any, I think we have had a meaningful regular season in terms of separating potential playoff teams from nonplayoff teams. And so I think in terms of integrity, the regular season has had integrity.

It’s a real bummer, but it’s sounding more and more like the Wild’s season could very well be over.

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