Nelli's Notes

Preseason was meh, but it had some promise... Billy G is finding out who belongs on this roster and he still uses the old school tactics. He wants to develop his guys in the minors and see growth through the feeder system. Kind of a waste of time in my mind, but it is a way to build confidence for guys like Rossi and Beckman (Boldy Injured). Beckman looks like a good sniper, I just hope he can put on some weight and become more of a Kyle Connor type player. As for Rossi, I think he will do just fine with skilled players around him. He is very skilled coming into the zone and establishing the play. I think this would complement a player like Fiala so Kevin could get open and have Rossi find him. Time will tell. I would say this is also a big prove it year for Addison to show us he can play on both sides of the puck. This league is to explosive to have a liability on the ice, especially on the back end.

Victor rask.... the fact that we traded Nino for this chump is beyond me. I have decided I am not blaming old management anymore. It is truly sad to see Fiala get paired up with this guy. Like please just make Kevin play with Nico Sturm and see what happens because watching Victor Rask chase the play all season is going to be a waste of time. I really hope Kevin has a good year. He deserves to be a cornerstone of this franchise and it feels like he has been kicked in the d*ck for the past few seasons with line pairings.

Greenway might be a tough one to lose in this whole buyout situation Billy got us in. I think it will just be a trade at the deadline unless he wants to take a deal. Considering he is the player who led the team in assists last season I think he will want his bag. Greenway has many Wild fans at a rock an a hard place because he is our best power forward some nights and looks invisible other nights. Consistency would be sweet.

Kirill should be as advertised this season and I think he takes a step forward into being a significant two way player. No one gave his defensive skill enough credit, but the man is a dog for the puck. He seemingly is always in the play. He scored at almost point per game so if he can keep that up the 9 mil is completely worth it in my mind. I hope our goalie tandem can stay healthy/solid this season.

Looking forward to another great season, it is a fresh look for this team and it is not the 11 / 20 show anymore. Wild will be in a dog fight all year with this division, but I think we will do a great job under DeanO and Billy.

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