Nelli's Notes

GAMEDAY: 10/15 Anaheim

It is a great day for hockey ain't it! Sure is cowboy. Wild fans we are blessed to play one of the shittiest teams in the league... Anaheim should be an absolute bottom feeder this year considering how young they are. Do not get me wrong, in a few years opinions on the Ducks could absolutely change, but for now this should be a lay up for the Wild. I have way to much optimism already. Please don't devastate me. This two game road trip against the poopy Californian teams would be a great little confidence boost.

Excited to watch KK97 play with Ek... please just be a silky duo that we can enjoy. I am curious to see how the fourth line performs. It would be unbelievable to have a 4th line that can score goals. It does not make sense that Gaudreau has been slotted in with Fiala but what do I know. Maybe Kevin will shine him up to be a scorer. If the third defensive pairing is a mess this year I could see Billy making an early trade.

The Central Division:

Is looking like it will be a dog fight so stacking up wins early and often gives us some room to breathe come playoff time. I think people have the Blackhawks way overrated... too many holes in that lineup to make a significant push in my mind. Then again I am just a biased Wild fan who can't stand the Blackhawks. Blues = trash. Explanation: Binnington. Next. Dallas is a wild card in many ways. They have good goaltending, a solid back end and a sneaky core up front. One problem is injuries. They have had the injury bug constantly which can really impact a group as a whole. Speaking of their back end they will have to watch Suter eat minutes and keep people in front of him. Spurgeon carried that man to his contract so I am happy that another fan base has to deal with his slow pace of play. The yotes are still a hockey team?? Horrible season coming from the desert. Next. The yotes old affiliate, Winnipeg should be a competitor at the top of the division. Their backend got better this summer and the top 6 is pretty nasty. Their goalie is pretty decent too I guess.......Not excited to play Winnipeg this year. Preds will be dog water on all accounts and I think they will compete with Arizona for the last place in the division. Sarros is in for a long sorrow filled season. Avs are going to be the team to beat. Deep everywhere on that roster except goaltending. The first line is going to do what it wants.

Way to early prediction for end of season standings:









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