Nelli's Notes

Gameday 10/19

What a deep squad we have. We saw the entire team chip in all weekend which is very nice to see. Hopefully that will take some pressure off the top line to let them find their game. Either way, super pumped about the west coast walk through. The Cali teams are going to be as competent as donkeys this year so it was relieving to see a couple of dubs. Anaheim might be sneaky with a very young team, but we will have wait an see if that winning pedigree will be consistent.

Anyways on to the home opener; I hope that we just give it to Winnipeg tonight. They have not looked good in their first few games. That scumbag narc Scheifele is back tonight after finally serving the suspension that pushed them out of playoffs. Wheeler is out with the coco so that is a plus for us. I am curious to see who they put Eriksson-Ek against. Winnipeg has some fast forwards, so hopefully we can find a solid match up and play heavy on the puck against these prickos. Talbot has seemed to pick up where he left off last season which is nice to see. He is not the flashy 1G that Winnipeg has, but he is our guy and is absolutely kickin right now. It feels like we are ready for a KK97 3 point game tonight. I am betting the over on his shots, assists and goals. So free. Ew. Honestly surprised by the bottom 3 defensemen. They played a simple game and made it easy on Talbot. If we can keep that vibe going we will surely be another defensive standout in the league again. LFG keep on rollin. Also go vikes SKOL

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