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Calen Addison scores odd first career NHL goal

In just his second game of the season, he gets a milestone.

Minnesota Wild v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Minnesota Wild’s top players aren’t necessarily scoring any goals, but their depth certainly is; and their young depth especially, as they got a first career goal on their hands.

In a blaze of offensive firepower from the Wild during the first period against the Ottawa Senators, Calen Addison scores potentially one of the weirder first goals in the NHL.

A blast from perhaps the farthest point a shot could be registered in the offensive zone, from just inches inside the blue line, the 21-year-old whips this puck on net and it was ripping through the chilly air fast enough to bounce off a Senators defender, and a la prime Ronaldinho, lob over the goaltender and in the back of the net.

It took enough bounces that it even confused the official team account.

This goal happened just 27 seconds after the Wild scored the game’s first goal — putting Ottawa in a rapid 2-0 deficit on Tuesday.

The international matchup was just Addison’s fifth regular season game after making his debut in the middle of a COVID crisis in Minnesota last season...and the reason he’s up here now is other non-pandemic related injuries. Hopefully the goal can keep him up with the first team even when the squad is at full health.