Making a comeback from Covid-19

I know it’s been a while guys, but bare with me. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actively been on this site sharing the passion for our team to pursue a Stanley Cup. Was starting to do research on prospects, but then suddenly a day later I felt horrible with a real bad cough like I had strep throat. The night before I felt a little tickle in my throat but didn’t think anything of it. So I took medicine like regular and drank plenty of water thinking everything will get better. The next day my fever got worse and I had nausea. My fever was 104 degrees. So I went to the hospital and got checked out. I told the doctor what’s wrong with me, but it was hard to communicate because I felt so terrible. The doctor was concerned for me and he had me do a Covid test. Unfortunately, I tested positive. I had to do a saliva sample. Instantly I was scared. I didn’t know what to do next. Will my family see me die? The last thing I wanted to happen was for my family to watch me take my last breaths. It was a scary situation to be in. Could only imagine how my wife and kids were feeling too. So I’ve been taking a real break recovering from Covid-19 by getting vaccinated and being in quarantine for 2 weeks. Luckily, my symptoms were mild to moderate and not severe. I’ve just been taking each day at a time. Also I’ve been eating better. Dieting is essential after any kind of sickness to make a better immune system. And I’m joining a gym too.

Now I’m back on the scene with everyone and excited to see this team thrive. During my recovery I’ve been watching the games. Just haven’t been active on here. So I’m asking you guys to be patient with me and the fan posts on the prospects. I’m thinking about letting their seasons finish and evaluate them that way. For the time being I will make some posts, but it’ll have to do with the big club and making improvements for a deep playoff run. I’m just more concerned about my health right now where I’m not going to post as much. Just happy to be healthy and alive!

Stay tuned for a Jordan Greenway post because I believe he’ll end up being traded.

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