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Things That Take Longer Than Minnesota’s Comeback Win Over Vegas

The Wild scored two goals in just 26 seconds to earn the comeback win, but what could we have been occupying more of our time with?

Vegas Golden Knights v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

The Minnesota Wild and Vegas Golden Knights hosted their own preview into what could be yet another stellar first-round matchup that will outshine the rest of the postseason.

Heading into the dying minutes of that turbulence-filled contest, the Wild were down 5-4 with 92 seconds left in regulation. Barely holding onto the game, they let goaltender Cam Talbot head to the bench and try their luck at scoring a 6-on-5 goal to at least earn the extra period.

Well, in just 26 short seconds, Minnesota were able to score two goals and earn the 6-5 win over a probable first-round opponent.

By the hands of Kirill Kaprizov and Jonas Brodin, this northern club sheered their will to get the full two points, but what could we have occupied our time with instead? What meaningless task takes up more of our time than the Wild’s incredible comeback win?

Taking Your Dog Out To Go Shit

Maybe this exact scenario happened to you. You figured the Wild were destined for another regulation loss, but come back to the ecstatic looks on the TV analysts faces as we just witnessed greatness.

Your dog is relieved, but you are hastily searching for highlights to re-live the magic.

Getting That One Annoying Spot Off Of Your Baking Sheet

You know that one piece of really good garlic bread you made the other night? Or maybe some crusty remnants of a weekend casserole? That stuff is practically super-glued to the side of your cheap dollar store baking sheet that you don’t want to get rid of because it still works perfectly fine from when you were in college.

You scrub and you scrub and you scrub forever, using different chemicals at different times of soaking. All while you miss Kaprizov and Brodin celebrating their heroics.

Plugging In Your Phone Charger Behind The Couch

Your phone is dying and you hate how you didn’t check the placement of the electrical outlets in your living room before you arranged the furniture. The only available socket is behind your couch and every time you need an emergency charge, you find yourself with a gut full of back cushion and your arm fully stretched trying to rangle this cheap charger into the plug.

Well, oops, you missed the two goals.

Googling How To Spell “Embarrassing”

Is it two “R’s” or one? Maybe just one “S” because that would be weird to have it all doubled up like that. Maybe you should look it up before you send a text to your best friend about their dumb coworker.

Damn, Kaprizov again? That sucks that you just missed a key highlight into his young career. And what’s that? Just as you were typing up the text Brodin fired one past Robin Lehner to earn the victory? Wow.

Let’s spend our time wisely and watch those highlights again.