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All I Can Think About Is Celly, The Wild’s New Dog

The Minnesota Wild got a new puppy and I cannot think about anything else.

via @mnwild/Twitter
via @mnwild/Twitter

Almost perfectly timed with the recent announcement of the Minnesota Wild buying out the remainder of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter’s contracts, the team got a new dog!

Please don’t worry about any future salary cap implications, or even about Kirill Kaprizov or Kevin Fiala not immediately signing new contracts, leading them down a path of hellish negotiation that will last right up until the fall probably, the Wild got a NEW PUPPY.

Going by the name of Celly, this brand new pup is available for adoption through Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue and is seemingly full of energy.

A five-month-old Shepherd/Catahoula/Labrador mix rescue dog, Celly is on their way to being a service dog to help out some lucky person.

Aside from the drama surrounding this club right now, all we need to do is kick back our feet and enjoy the adorable pictures and video provided by the team of Celly. Like, honestly, with the expansion draft and the entry draft after that, we should take a day to breathe and not think about this weird hockey team — simply relax and enjoy the hectic, playful, and undeniably cute pup. It is getting unveiled at the perfect time.

I cannot wait to see Celly interact with Jared Spurgeon’s kids or something like that. Man, this is just so great.