The Minnesota Wild need to offersheet Elias Pettersson

The Vancouver Canucks are in cap hell because they have to sign their young superstars in Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson. They have $10,664,341 left in cap space and clearly they need at least another $10M to sign both of them. They might go short-term with these two, but once they are free agents again they will demand more money which is what the Canucks want to avoid. They could deal Brock Boeser to make cap space, but there goes their sniper. Also they don't have any big expiring contracts they can take off the books which means they are in a true tough situation.

Guerin is in cap hell himself as he bought out both Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. The Wild will be facing cap hell in years 2-4. The dead cap ranges over $12 million to $14 million and higher. So that means more than likely the Wild will be facing financial hell of their own because they still have to pay Kirill Kaprizov as they only have $12,214,745 left in cap space and Kaprizov needs a new contract ranging from 4-6 years with a cap hit of $8 million or higher. They also have names such as Kevin Fiala, Jordan Greenway, and Kaapo Kahkonen to sign in 2021-2022. So if anything Guerin would have to deal someone like Greenway who can get us a high draft pick. Also names like Mats Zuccarello will have a M-NTC as he gets to be dealt freeing up more cap space. When players like Marcus Foligno, Victor Rask, and Matt Dumba are off the books let's use that money for the youngsters.

Pettersson is worth a lot to this team than any of the players I mentioned. I'd rather keep Fiala around because he's more than capable of providing scoring upfront. He just needs consistent linemates. With him getting to finally play with competent linemates we should expect his production to skyrocket. Kaprizov and Fiala are your centerpieces for now especially Kaprizov. Adding another centerpiece in Pettersson will make the Wild a true Cup contender because they have their next young core coming in Marco Rossi, Matt Boldy, Marat Khusnutdinov, Adam Beckman, Jesper Wallstedt, and eventually others such as Alexander Khovanov.

Having a center like Pettersson will erase our 1C concerns. Not to mention making the Wild a team to beat in the West. This team won't have to give up anything to acquire Pettersson. They'll have to end up shedding cap space however. The only thing they'll have to worry about is giving up multiple 1st round picks. If anything they will be able to replace those 1st round picks with prospects quickly developing or they can make trades and get high draft picks. We have Judd Brackett who knows how to scout and find talent. Would you rather wait for a center to develop into the next generational player or acquire one in Pettersson? Yes I said it. Generational. He's superbly gifted. He may not be the biggest player on the ice, but he has the biggest heart and skillset. So far Pettersson has .93PPG over 3 seasons. He only has played 165 games. He hasn't even played 200 games yet! How would that look by Kaprizov and Fiala? The league doesn't stand a chance.

Here's how Guerin can acquire Pettersson. He can offersheet the Canucks' cornerstone $10,000,000 for 5 years. He'll be 23 which means by the time he hits free agency he'll be 28 which puts him at the UFA status. This means the Wild have 5 years to show they can make a deep Cup run and come out on top. If the Wild offersheet Pettersson this means the Canucks will have a week to match that offersheet. If they do that means they won't have nothing to spare for Hughes. That puts them in a bigger hole because they can't afford Hughes. What if another team offersheets Hughes? The Canucks can easily lose both players in one offseason. It'd be bad for Vancouver. Guess they should've signed them BEFORE trading for Oliver Ekman-Larsson huh? That's bad management on the Canucks end. You always sign your top tier youngsters first who will take you to new heights.

We offer Pettersson $10M. We have to end up giving up 2 1st round picks, a 2nd rounder, and a 3rd round pick. So more than likely they will give up their 2022 1st, 2023 1st, a 2022 or 2023 2nd, and a 2022 or 2023 3rd. Fans don't like giving up early picks, but it's for a true generational talent. The Wild do have some contracts they can move after next offseason let alone now. Or they'll have cap relief. The Wild can free up cap space by moving Dumba, Greenway, Rask, Goligoski, Zuccarello, and maybe Foligno. By doing this they can be replaced by our prospects. We'll have a core in place already.

Here's what a top-6 lineup can look like with Pettersson in 2021-2022:

Fiala - Pettersson - Kaprizov (Permanent top line!)

Zuccarello - Rossi - Boldy

If the Wild acquire Pettersson they'll have $2,214,745 remaining which means they will have to make a trade to at least free up $6 million or more to sign Kaprizov. What if they can ship out Rask and Greenway? How about a team like the Detroit Red Wings? Steve Yzerman is looking to shore up more young talent. What if he wants Pettersson, but we beat him to it? Yzerman is the jack of all GM's. The way he built the Bolts is the same way he's building the Wings. How about we trade Greenway for a couple high picks? Also trade Rask to shed salary? Yzerman would love a bigger player like Greenway. The Wings need more size at forward. So Greenway fits that description. He finished as our lead assist guy. So we are getting early round picks for him. Maybe an early pick and a prospect who is on an ELC? It may not be a 1st rounder, but a 2nd or 3rd round pick plus a prospect like Joe Veleno? That could work for Yzerman and for Guerin. Veleno plays center you know. He could be better suited as a winger and takes Greenway's place providing more speed and skill.

Then the Wild can lock up Kaprizov. The dead cap space will come in and the Wild will have a cap hit limit of $68,756,412 with cap relief of $14,975,000 coming off the books. So they will have $14,975,000 to spend. That's enough to re-sign Fiala and Kahkonen. Guerin makes cap room by selling Zuccarello and having a contending team take him and they will be more than willing to give up either a 1st or 2nd round pick. Dumba will have a M-NTC and he can be moved for an ELC or draft picks. You can re-sign Nico Sturm cheap. He's a good depth piece on a Cup contending team.

This team will be deeper and ready to compete despite their cap hell problems. We'll have a true center pipeline of Pettersson, Rossi, JEE, Khusnutdinov, Khovanov, Beckman, Sturm, etc. We'll have some centers playing on the wing which will make the Wild on the same tier as the Bolts. Maybe beyond. Someone like Jesper Wallstedt is someone who I see can being the caliber of Andrei Vasilevskiy. Wallstedt and Kahkonen is our 1-2 punch. Our blueline is set in case if you didn't notice. So why not go after the big prize while Vancouver is in a big pickle? Take advantage. Kaprizov will be more than pleased to play with Pettersson.

I'm not the only one who thinks this. Joe Bouley from Zone Coverage thinks we should go after Pettersson and worry about finances later. He's on board too! Great minds think alike!!!!

We'll have an eventual 8-headed monster in Pettersson, Kaprizov, Fiala, Rossi, Boldy, Addison, Lambos, and Wallstedt in that order. With Kahkonen, Beckman, Khusnutdinov, Khovanov, O'Rourke, and others supporting them??? Not to mention having Jared Spurgeon and Jonas Brodin as our veterans on the blueline. Don't you want this potential dynasty? Pettersson is a playoff performer too. If we want to restock on 1st rounders we make trades. Get Pettersson and start shedding salary. Don't focus on what we lose, but what we GAINED both in the short-term and long-term (there's a chance we extend Fiala, Kaprizov, and Pettersson as well. Because the buyouts, Spurgeon, and Brodin will be off the books in 5-6 years!). This can be pulled off. Sign Kaprizov and shed salary next to make an offersheet for Pettersson Guerin! Swing big!

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