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Wilderness Walk: More drama please

Your daily dose of Wild news, along with other interesting stories from around the NHL.

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NHL: Minnesota Wild at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

That’s Wild

  • Now former Iowa Wild defenseman Hunter Warner is decided to end his professional hockey career and step into the boxing ring, establishing himself as a professional boxer instead. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Next on our 2021 Top 25 Under 25 ranking is Jack McBain at No. 16. The Boston College center is losing some teammates to their NHL franchises, so this upcoming season will really determine whether or not he’s worth that high of a rank. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Speaking of young centers, Alexander Khovanov is set to return to North America (after some visa issues are figured out) and will most likely be in Iowa to start the season. Here’s what we should expect. [Hockey Wilderness]

Off the trail...

  • Montreal Canadiens young center Jesperi Kotkaniemi signed an offer sheet from the Carolina Hurricanes last weekend and it has spun out of control. [Eyes On The Prize]
  • Not to dive too deep on the matter, but this is some pure cinematic revenge plot shit. [Yahoo Sports]
  • The Hurricanes certainly broke open the forbidden offer sheet door. [Pensburgh]
  • And finally, have you been keeping up with the women’s Worlds? We’re used to the Canada-USA rivalry in women’s hockey being rather evenly matched but so far, this year, Team Canada seems to be the best team running away. [The Athletic]