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2022 NHL Draft

2022 NHL Draft: Wild select Servac Petrovsky at 185th overall

That’s it, folks!

2022 NHL Draft: Wild select Hunter Haight with 47th overall pick

Minnesota starts its day with a handsy center.

2022 NHL Draft: Day 2 Live Thread

Got 193 more picks to talk about.

Some top options available for Wild on Draft Day 2

There’s still plenty of guys and dudes to be excited about.

2022 NHL Draft: Wild select Danila Yurov with 24th overall pick

Wild are swinging for the fences with a Russian scorer.

2022 NHL Draft: Wild select Liam Öhgren at 19th overall

Minnesota has made its first selection.

2022 NHL Draft: Round 1 Live Thread

Get in here and chat prospects.

Top Minnesota-born prospects for 2022 NHL Draft

Which players from the State of Hockey are highly rated in this year’s draft?

Wild Mock Draft: Making all 8 picks for them

We looked down the list, used a tool, and have made our very own mock draft.

Prospects the Wild could select at 24th overall

With the second of Minnesota’s first-round picks, there are some options.

Prospects the Wild could select at 19th overall

There is a wide array of talent potentially available with the pick from the Kevin Fiala trade.

2022 NHL Mock Draft: Wild select Gleb Trikozov with no. 24 pick

In the SB Nation Mock Draft, we selected an under-the-radar Russian that some scouts absolutely love; sound familiar?

How much draft capital do the Wild have?

After going all-in at the deadline and losing in the first round, are the Wild in trouble for draft night?

2022 NHL Draft: Brad Lambert is toolsy

The Finnish forward has some of the best skills in the draft.

2022 NHL Draft: Ivan Miroshnichenko is ready to play and intriguing

The 18-year-old Russian forward was cleared to play this week after a diagnosis with Hodgkins Lymphoma in March.

2022 NHL Draft: David Jiříček is massive and good

The towering defenseman is a top prospect.

2022 NHL Draft: Simon Nimec, top blueliner available?

Energetic right-handed defenseman. That’s pretty cool!

2022 NHL Draft: Matthew Savoie is a little sneaky

The center is small but mighty.

2022 NHL Draft: Juraj Slafkovsky’s stock is rising

Juraj Slafkovsky just keeps getting better and better.

2022 NHL Draft: Logan Cooley is ever-present and dynamic

The University of Minnesota commit is right there.

2022 NHL Draft: Shane Wright is your top guy

The guy that’s good at a whole lot is projected to go first.