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2022 Top 25 Under 25

Top 25 Under 25: Marshall Warren rises to No. 20

The incoming Boston College captain plays an exciting game, earning himself an improved spot this year.

Top 25 Under 25: Nikita Nesterenko slots in at No. 21

After a promising first year at BC, Nesterenko had a setback year with an Eagles club that struggled mightily.

Top 25 Under 25: Hunter Haight has piqued our interest at No. 22

Hunter Haight’s development might have been stymied by pandemic shortened seasons, but there’s hope yet for this speedy center.

Top 25 Under 25: Mason Shaw starts off the list at No. 25

At 25 of our Top 25 Under 25 is someone who is not 25, but 23.

Top 25 Under 25: It’s time!

It’s that time of year, the 2022 Top 25 Under 25 is here.