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2022 Top 25 Under 25

Top 25 Under 25: Matt Boldy is the future and the future is here at No. 1

He’s got the size, the skill and the production to grab a big role this season.

Top 25 Under 25: Marco Rossi is future of Wild’s core at No. 2

The young Austrian is skilled to say the very least.

Top 25 Under 25: Jesper Wallstedt among elite at No. 3

There’s nothing like having one of the best goaltending prospects.

Top 25 Under 25: Calen Addison has jolted to No. 4

The young blueliner has steadily earned his keep and more.

Top 25 Under 25: Brock Faber easily glides into No. 5

The Wild’s summer acquisition is one for the near future.

Top 25 Under 25: Ohgren debuts at No.6 on the list

After being selected in the first round of the 2022 Draft, he makes his Top 25 U25 debut at sixth on the list.

Top 25 Under 25: Carson Lambos rises to No. 8

While the future of the Wild’s D-corp is murky, Carson Lambos has every chance to be a central part of it.

Top 25 Under 25: Danila Yurov places at No. 9 after draft

One of the many Russian kids that the Wild have in their arsenal was a "risk" at the draft, but the skill is evident.

Top 25 Under 25: Connor Dewar grinds to No. 10

The hard-working forward earns himself a place in the top-10.

Top 25 Under 25: Adam Beckman drops to No. 11

After a transition AHL season, the scoring winger has slightly dropped in our ranking.

Top 25 Under 25: Jack Peart has heaps of potential at No. 13

The young blueliner can work his way into becoming a main piece.

Top 25 Under 25: Remembering some guys

We’re looking back at past rankings and remembering some guys.

Top 25 Under 25: Daemon Hunt ranked again at No. 14

Injuries kept the blue line prospect home from the World Juniors for the second consecutive year.

Top 25 Under 25: Ryan O’ Rourke pushes and shoves his way to No. 15

The 39th overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft has carved his way to No. 15 on this list

Top 25 Under 25: Pavel Novak comes in at No. 16

A winger with some scoring touch is enough to make the ranking.

Top 25 Under 25: Mitchell Chaffee shows upside at 17

An offensive-powerhouse, the undrafted forward has to outperform blue-chip prospects to make an impact.

Top 25 Under 25: Mikey Milne provides enough jump to earn No. 18

One of the Wild’s most recent picks is a little exciting.

Top 25 Under 25: Filip Gustavsson is a mystery at No. 19

The new goaltender has potential and pedigree to rely upon for the ranking.

Top 25 Under 25: Graduates of the list

What makes this year’s ranking so interesting is the amount of key players that are no longer eligible.

Top 25 Under 25: Marshall Warren rises to No. 20

The incoming Boston College captain plays an exciting game, earning himself an improved spot this year.

Top 25 Under 25: Nikita Nesterenko slots in at No. 21

After a promising first year at BC, Nesterenko had a setback year with an Eagles club that struggled mightily.

Top 25 Under 25: Hunter Haight has piqued our interest at No. 22

Hunter Haight’s development might have been stymied by pandemic shortened seasons, but there’s hope yet for this speedy center.

Top 25 Under 25: Mason Shaw starts off the list at No. 25

At 25 of our Top 25 Under 25 is someone who is not 25, but 23.

Top 25 Under 25: It’s time!

It’s that time of year, the 2022 Top 25 Under 25 is here.