Nelli's Notes

Gameday 1/17:

It has been a weird month for this team that was absolutely rolling for a majority of it the season. The game today vs. Colorado feels like a gut check. We all know that if the wild are going to do anything this year we will have to go through Colorado in the playoffs. Playoffs are a long ways away, but Colorado feels like the Chiefs of the AFC. The wild need to get healthy and figure out where we go from there. Our back end has played well considering the names that are out. Lengthy period of time without Spurge has been difficult and that losing streak exposed the chinks in the armor for us. The Avs have been a wagon all season, so this will be a good test for a beat up wild squad. Roster issues aside, this wild team plays the right way so it won't be shocking if we sneak out a win this afternoon to keep the streak alive. The game today is exciting because Matt Boldy will get to see some high flying NHLers. Boldy has been must watch hockey for me and I think he is giving Kevin Fiala a spark to go on a heater. He just plays well. I don't have one thing that I think he is doing insanely well, but he has been distributing the puck like a veteran. He gives me Ryan Getzlaf vibes. Good stuff Billy G. It was semi disappointing to see Rossi come up and not succeed, but I trust this process. I am sure he will play a few more games and be primed for playoffs without burning a year off his contract rights. It is exciting to see young guys come up and learn from this group. It feels like they are accepted and taught how to play in the National League. The old regime dismissed young guys unless they were slotting into the top 6.

Looking ahead:

We have games in hand so there is no need to panic, but February is pretty much going to determine if we are playoff bound. The amount of games that need to be rescheduled continues to grow as Canada is being Canada. Not going to comment on the way they are handling their problems. It feels like someone just needs to put their sack on the table and allow people in these arenas. If you don't want to go to the game, so be it. People are getting struggling and it feels like the worst thing to do is restrict everyone's ability to live life. Heard a story of outdoor rinks being closed. Please tell me how that makes sense. All right I said more than I should have, but I truly feel bad for the friends in Canada and I hope they are allowed some freedom soon. We currently hold the 4th spot in the central division. A win today will be big for confidence and standings so LETS GO WILD. I have been all over the board on deciding if we need a rental or not. I think as of right now I am just looking to get healthy before we make any trades.

Kept it short today, but here are some good questions to think about.

Is Kaapo that guy? Can he show up consistently and be a solid goaltender until Wallerstadt comes for that a$$?

What is Fiala's future going to look like if he catches fire playing next to Boldy? (Side Note) Freddy G should not be playing here in front of rossi.

Do we think the 17-14-18 gets back on track when Joel hits the line-up? (Another Side Note) I miss watching JEEK14 he has turned into such a pest and opposing players take notice.

Does KK97 get 40 goals this year?? He has been so fun to watch and I hope he can stay healthy because they wild ain't shit with out him.

Vikings still suck and we blew everything up, oh whale, its hawkey szn

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