Rant: He's not Tomas Hertl nor Claude Giroux, but Jack Roslovic is Ryan Hartman 2.0 and Bill Guerin should trade for him

This team is in need of more center depth to compete down the road. The Wild are nearly set at center. However, the reality is that Marco Rossi won't burn his first year of his ELC in 2022-2023 to avoid us being cap strapped while Rossi is a RFA. So I understand why Bill Guerin wants to keep him in Iowa. Also, Rossi needs more professional games under his belt before he can make the impact his counterpart Matt Boldy is making. For right now this team gets a player who is in search of a hockey home despite him being from Columbus.

Someone's who's still young enough and can benefit from a change of scenery and be a good fit between Kevin Fiala and Boldy. It doesn't have to be the big swing expensive trade. If anything you trade for a rental with the possibility of keeping him at a affordable price for depth. These low risk moves don't get mentioned enough. Because there's a chance of a high reward happening. Roslovic needs players to feed him pucks, but can dazzle you sometimes coming through the neutral zone with great speed and dangle through you and beat you clean. Roslovic won't be a hot commodity in the trade market. The highest value for him could be a 3rd round pick or a mid-level prospect. He's not going to get a big return. These are more of the trades I'd like to see Guerin make and not the big name trade. You want to be able to keep the players you trade for. You want your end of the bargain.

Roslovic also replaces the likes of Freddy Gaudreau as he has more offensive ability and can offer the same kind of responsible game. He just needs the confidence. Roslovic is a right shot and a pure finisher. Gaudreau isn't a volume shooter. Roslovic can't catch a break or has found the kind of consistency to grant him a contract extension. Roslovic isn't much of a playmaker. With Boldy having the ability to feed pucks him and Boldy compliment each other perfectly. Fiala's dynamic element completes that line and is more lethal offensively. Something you'd want in the playoffs and for Roslovic to have a confidence booster from Guerin.

I have never heard of Roslovic being a defensive slouch or anything. His consistency always came into question. Which is why he hasn't been getting ice time and is involved in trade rumors again. If Roslovic's linemates are upgraded I can see him benefitting here drastically. There's no way I see Roslovic not being an upgrade over the Marcus Johanssons, Victor Rasks, and Freddy Gaudreaus of the world. He's the fastest skater out of all of them. Has the best shot. Also is a respectable passer. He can play a responsible game. He has a natural scorer's shot.

Roslovic has played bumper, net front presence, and can play on the half wall on a powerplay because of his fast release. He's both gritty and a scoring threat. Is he a true top center? No. Can he be a good center? Yes. Depends on who his linemates are and Boldy and Fiala can provide the fire for Roslovic. What does this mean? Well, two things. Roslovic can take a similar contract like Hartman and be a significant depth contributor at center or provide trade value that will make the Wild's prospect pool better by getting better picks due to an emergence of Roslovic and he'll want more money. It's a win-win situation honestly. A rental trade that can work in our favor. Roslovic is only $1,838,362 towards a salary cap and will be a RFA. So he will be cheap and will come in at a lower cost. If you want Rossi to get more professional seasoning Roslovic is the perfect placeholder for Rossi.

Roslovic doesn't need to be a budding star. He just needs to play hard and be defensively responsible. Be ready to receive passes from Boldy or Fiala to bury chances because Roslovic can elevate the puck. He needs a better playmaker with him. It'll remind you of the top line already on Zuccarello/Hartman/Kaprizov. Boldy/Roslovic/Fiala can actually be lethal and it cost Guerin next to almost nothing. This team is in need of either a playmaking center or a shooting center who can fit on the Fiala and Boldy line. Roslovic's value is low right now. Take advantage. It's all about chemistry.

Guerin's theme should be low cost trades to compete for the Cup.

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