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Kirill Kaprizov leaves game vs. Bruins with injury

No! Fuck!

Minnesota Wild v Los Angeles Kings Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

If we haven’t learned, as Minnesota sports fans and more importantly fans of the Minnesota Wild, that life is nothing but pain and agony, then maybe they should lose more games.

On Thursday night’s game against the Boston Bruins, star forward Kirill Kaprizov suffered a brutal and awkward hit along the boards and has appeared to injure his shoulder or general upper-body.

Yeah, we’re wrong in our tweet, whatever.

Kaprizov needed assistance getting to the locker room, and he did not return for the second period. He must be doubtful to return for the game, but as of second intermission, nothing has officially been announced that he will miss the remainder of the game.

Considering how significant he is to the entire season, missing 20 minutes in return of potentially not aggravating the injury further is not too bad.

Kaprizov has not suffered any major injury so far in his NHL career, missing one single game ever. Hopefully he’s able to simply get better. We’ll keep you updated.